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Kadesh Chain and SUPER HOW? Announce Strategic Partnership to Develop Secure Digital Contracts

Updated: May 24

Kadesh Chain, a blockchain project dedicated to evolving the landscape of secure digital contracts, and SUPER HOW?, a private research and innovation laboratory, announce a strategic partnership to advance the development of Kadesh Chain.

Andrius Bartminas, Co-Founder and CEO of SUPER HOW?
A. Bartminas, Co-Founder and CEO of SUPER HOW?

“We are pleased to announce this collaboration. Kadesh Chain's mission is to provide a seamless platform for confident document signing, leveraging cutting-edge blockchain technologies, which perfectly aligns with SUPER HOW?'s commitment to advancing society through innovative blockchain solutions. Kadesh Chain's platform has the potential to transform industries like real estate, finance, healthcare, and supply chain management, and its solutions may open new possibilities to make our lives easier,” says Andrius Bartminas, Co-Founder and CEO of SUPER HOW?


The collaboration focuses on enhancing blockchain adoption by implementing a native Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for electronic document signing and ensuring blockchain-native transaction data immutability for document timestamping. This partnership provides an opportunity to leverage SUPER HOW?'s expertise in blockchain infrastructure building skills.


S. Onay, Co-Founder and CEO of Kadesh Chain
S. Onay, Co-Founder and CEO of Kadesh Chain

“At Kadesh Chain, we seek partnerships that amplify our mission of secure and seamless document signing. With SUPER HOW?, more than just technology, we share a kindred spirit of unwavering innovation, proven by SUPER HOW?'s impressive project portfolio and team. Together, we envision transforming industries and empowering individuals through blockchain. SUPER HOW?'s proven expertise in blockchain and DARQ technologies, and know-how makes them ideal partners to navigate the complexities of building a secure and transparent digital future,” says Serhat Onay, Co-Founder and CEO of Kadesh Chain.


An interesting fact is that the Kadesh Chain project got its name from the Treaty of Kadesh, which is the earliest written contract still in existence. Just as the Treaty of Kadesh brought an end to centuries of conflict between the Hittite Empire and the Egyptians along the eastern Mediterranean, the Kadesh project seeks to offer a solution for some of the fundamental problems of digital finance and the online world.


The Kadesh Chain project offers a more secure and reliable alternative to the traditional KYC System. The personal information of the users, including biometric data, will be replaced with blockchain-based and pre-approved KadeshID and this will become their online ID. Kadesh users can sign mutual business contracts such as sales, recruitment, and service contracts by using their unique ID. In addition, by linking their online accounts (social media, games, e-mail, and so on) to their Kadesh wallets, using biometric verification, they can protect their accounts from unauthorized access and theft. Furthermore, users can bequeath their digital assets via a unilateral digital contract. All in the Kadesh Wallet, which aims to be the world's most secure blockchain wallet with its unique security features.


For more information about Kadesh Chain, visit:

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