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Superhow.ART is new-age product for art collectors of a decentralized sociality


Despite a notable increase in art investment during the economic downturn, 

patronage and support of the arts have decreased significantly. 


Art collecting, as it is now, is a domain where a select few hold sway. Not only does it exclude a wider public who are passionate about art but have limited financial means to actively participate; elite collectors tend to favor a narrow selection of artists in a self- perpetuating cycle, with certain art movements and even entire art forms being relegated to the margins. Fractional ownership presents an opportunity to break apart these barriers and bring about more equity and diversity to the field of art collecting. 


The future of markets is tokenization. Tokenization will usher in a new world of opportunities for investors, entrepreneurs, and businesses 

The tokenized ownership of art assets becomes the only way forward to a freely available decentralized art market. Web3 technology guarantees property rights to digital and phygital art objects, allowing for the emergence of self-sustaining niches of the art world that would contest hegemonic discourses for the proper inclusion of voices that merit our attention, but have thus far been barred from achieving wider appeal. 


The Superhow.ART framework aims to merge the traditional art world with the 

new age economy by creating phygital art objects. The framework allows the 

owner of the phygital artwork to mint ownership rights tokens and attach legal 

agreements to them. 

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