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Streamable Finance

Spearheading Innovation in Real-Time Economic Solutions



Streamable Finance, our esteemed client-partner, is on a mission to transform the financial landscape by moving from static ledgers to real-time finance. Their vision encompasses delivering a modern, secure, and integrated real-time payment infrastructure that empowers individuals globally to control their money, plan spending, achieve better financial results, and create opportunities. With a focus on redefining how money is moved, spent, invested, perceived, understood, and used, Streamable Finance is set to revolutionize the financial world.

Problem Statement

Traditional banking systems have become increasingly fragmented and inefficient, hindering seamless cross-border payments and settling. Legacy banks, constrained by their own technology frameworks, struggle to adapt to changing user demands, resulting in dissatisfaction among users. While fintechs promise innovation, they often rely on outdated foundations, failing to truly revolutionize payment methods and financial representation. Meanwhile, the crypto space is witnessing significant innovation with DeFi offering advanced financial tools accessible to a broader audience. Streamable Finance aims to bridge the gap between traditional banking and DeFi, introducing a new infrastructure that will obsolete legacy transactional systems and drive real disruption.


Streamable Finance introduces the Streampay Protocol (DeFi), an open protocol for streaming assets, providing functionalities such as streamable payments, adaptive streaming, and asset conversion. Complemented by the Streamable Finance Dex, which offers liquidity pools and swapping pools for ecosystem tokens, Streampay Protocol aims to be the primary liquidity source in DeFi. Additionally, Streamable Finance is implementing various verticals to showcase the technology's power, including es-Currencies Connector, Streampay Button, and Streamable Invest, all utilizing the STREAM token as a utility token.


Streamable Payments:

  • Users can wrap existing blockchain assets and stream them or stream native streamable assets like the es-Currency assets.

  • Wrapped assets are denominated as str- assets, for example, wrapped USDT becomes strUSDT that can be continuously streamed.

  • At any moment, wrapped assets can be unwrapped and retrieved 1-1 as the original asset.

Dex (Decentralized Exchange):

  • Offers liquidity pools and swapping pools for ecosystem tokens.

  • Aims to be the primary liquidity source in DeFi.

  • Provides functionalities such as Liquidity Pools, Swaps, Rewards, and Native Tokens.

Streamable Invest:

  • Allows Streamable Account holders to access investment opportunities and receive continuous yield.

  • Assets can be both invested and earned every second, enabling immediate utilization of earnings.

Pay Per Use Button (Coming Soon):

  • Merchants can embed a button similar to PayPal on their websites, allowing users to send a continuous stream of funds for products and services.

  • Empowers users with complete control over their spending.

Recurring Payments/Real-Time Billing Solutions (Coming Soon):

  • Developing alternatives to traditional direct debit systems coupled with real-time billing solutions.

  • Enhances convenience, cost savings, and responsiveness in billing processes.

  • Provides a seamless and user-friendly interface for streamlined payment experiences.

Our Role

SUPER HOW? has played a pivotal role in the architecture and development of Streamable Finance's ecosystem, including Streampay Protocol, Dex, and es-Currencies. With a focus on scalability, security, and interoperability, the SUPER HOW? team has collaborated closely with Streamable Finance to bring these innovative solutions to life. Leveraging expertise in blockchain technology and smart contract development, SUPER HOW? has contributed to the creation of a robust infrastructure comprising more than 65 smart contracts and seamless third-party integrations.


Through collaboration with SUPER HOW?, Streamable Finance has made significant strides towards realizing its vision of real-time finance. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions, Streamable Finance is poised to redefine the financial landscape, offering individuals unprecedented control, flexibility, and accessibility. As the project continues to evolve and gain traction, SUPER HOW? remains committed to supporting Streamable Finance in its mission to revolutionize finance for the betterment of individuals worldwide.

Contact us today to learn more about how SUPER HOW? can empower your organization with blockchain solutions tailored to your needs.

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