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Revolutionizing Commemorative Coins with Blockchain


LBCOIN marks a significant milestone as the world's first blockchain-based digital collectors' coin, brought to life through the collaboration between the Bank of Lithuania and SUPER HOW?. This case study explores how LBCOIN has redefined the world of collectibles and showcases SUPER HOW?'s role in establishing a customized distributed ledger infrastructure for this pioneering project.


The world of collectibles faced challenges such as authentication, provenance tracking, and ensuring the uniqueness of digital items. Traditional collectibles lacked a secure and transparent way to verify their authenticity and origin. LBCOIN aimed to address these challenges by leveraging blockchain technology.


LBCOIN introduced an innovative solution to the collectibles industry:

  1. Blockchain-Based Digital Collectors' Coin: LBCOIN, as a digital collectors' coin, utilized blockchain technology to ensure the authenticity, provenance, and uniqueness of collectible items.

  2. Enterprise Grade Private Blockchain Infrastructure for Central Bank: LBCOIN private blockchain infrastructure to facilitate digital mint functions and redefine the standards for authenticity and uniqueness in the world of digital collectibles.

  3. Bridge to Public Permissionless Network: LBCOIN's private blockchain infrastructure seamlessly connects to a public permissionless network (NEM NIS1), enhancing accessibility while preserving the security and authenticity of the digital collectibles. This bridge allows collectors to interact with their assets within a broader blockchain ecosystem, ensuring their investment's long-term value.

Our Role

SUPER HOW? played a pivotal role in establishing the technical infrastructure for LBCOIN:

  1. Architects of Technical Vision: SUPER HOW? served as the architects of LBCOIN's technical vision, shaping the project's overarching framework and ensuring that it aligned with the goals of the Central Bank and the broader blockchain community.

  2. Customized Distributed Ledger Infrastructure: We designed and implemented a customized Enterprise Grade Private Blockchain Infrastructure, ensuring the security and transparency of the digital collectors' coin.


LBCOIN's groundbreaking approach offers several benefits to collectors, the Bank of Lithuania, and the broader blockchain community:

  1. Enhanced Authenticity: Collectors can confidently verify the authenticity and provenance of their digital collectibles, enhancing the overall value of their investments.

  2. Immutability and Uniqueness: The immutable records maintained by LBCOIN's private blockchain infrastructure guarantee the uniqueness of each tokenized collector's coin, setting a new standard for the digital collectibles industry.

  3. Accessibility and Interactivity: The bridge to the public permissionless network opens doors for collectors to interact with their assets in a broader blockchain ecosystem, ensuring long-term value and engagement.


LBCOIN has not only redefined the world of commemorative coins but has also set a new benchmark for authenticity, uniqueness, and accessibility in the realm of digital collectibles. It is the world's first Central Bank-issued digital collectors' coin on blockchain technology, marking a significant milestone. Furthermore, it stands as a pioneering example of Institutional NFT implementation and a publicly available experiment in Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). With SUPER HOW?'s visionary technical architects, this groundbreaking project has unlocked new possibilities and continues to shape the future of collectibles in the digital age.

Join us in celebrating the innovation and authenticity of LBCOIN, where blockchain technology meets the world of collectibles in perfect harmony.

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