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SUPER HOW? collaboration with Inlusion Netforms on AI-VR R&D project

Photo by Lux Interaction on Unsplash

The last decade is full of advanced discoveries, 3D visualization techniques, physics-based simulation modelling, and fast-growing, virtual, and augmented reality solutions. Virtual reality is a technology that rapidly finds its place in various industries, bringing added value to the following aspects: optimizing costs and expenses, improving the quality of training and increasing user involvement in the product experience, which directly leads to sales or interest in the product.

In virtual environments, the paths of movement of non-player 3D characters, their reaction to environmental objects, and interaction with those objects are created according to certain scenarios. Currently, it is time consuming as all interactions need to be programmed. An aim of the project is to create a component running in the development engine Unreal Engine (UE4), which would be able to automatically generate character movement paths and its actions taking into account the probabilistic layer of the motion navigation mesh, other objects and characters existing in the environment, and the character‘s own needs module (Utility AI).

SUPER HOW? as project partner will be actively involved in the R&D activities of the project, during which it will cooperate with scientists and programmers with many years of research experience, whose main research and development activities are data analysis, future path and route planning, multidimensional data structures, artificial intelligence models, development, training and application of data classification algorithms, and their application in business, innovation and development of new technologies.

Project applicant and main project partner Inlusion Netforms has been operating since 2010 and provides specialized IT, programming, CRM system development services, as well as provides colocation, cloud services to other data management companies, develops virtual reality solutions. For the last 2 years, the company has been specializing in the field of virtual reality.

The R&D activities performed during the project and the results obtained during the year, as well as the developed product will be commercialized in Lithuanian and foreign markets. The planned sales in these markets will increase the company's turnover and encourage investment and continuation of R&D activities in order to develop new technologies and products. The system developed during the project is relevant to the market, as there are currently no analogous systems with such functionality in the global markets, and the markets are growing and demonstrate the need for innovative products that can optimize processes. The project will benefit IT, especially those involved in the virtual reality sector, as well as the games, filmmakers, construction and architecture sectors, in order to improve the quality of services and increase operational efficiency.

Project is funded from the European Union Structural Funds 2014–2020 priority axis No. 1 "Strengthening research and development and innovation" initiative "Experiment" for funding No. 01.2.1-LVPA-K-856. Assigned project number - 01.2.1-LVPA-K-856-01-0096.

Project budget 1.476.884,62 EUR with 1.0630466,55 EUR funded by European Regional Development Fund.

Duration of the project - 24 months

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