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KEiiNO releases single, digital coin and loyalty program

KEiiNO isn't afraid to break new ground, and as a do-it-yourself band without a big marketing budget, they have to find creative ways to grow their following. On the same day that they release their summer single DiSCO, adding accordion to their mix of joik and danceable pop, they also release 250 digital coins on the BeMy.Digital platform. 

"The way in which listeners discover artists has changed, and with a fierce battle for attention around new releases, artists like us, who don't have the marketing budgets of, say, Taylor Swift or Dua Lipa, have to find other ways to reach their target. I myself am a member of various loyalty programs for travel and purchases, and find it exciting to see if such a loyalty program will have an effect." says Tom Hugo.

Together with Liucija Fosseli from Hooklab AS in Kristiansand and with support from Cultiva and CreaTeMe from University of Agder, Tom Hugo is working on a project that will explore the opportunities new technology offers to build bridges between artists and their fan base. Creating a loyalty program and a digital coin that can be used as an entrance ticket to concerts and providing discounts in online stores is part of the project.

KEiiNO's digital coin (DiSCO KCOiN) is a membership card based on blockchain technology and gives owners access to KEiiNO.CLUB, a loyalty program that gives fans the opportunity to win prizes by promoting the new single on social media. It was created by SUPER HOW? from Lithuania - a private research and innovation lab with extensive experience in blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and digital central bank currency projects. 

"Without dedicated fans, we wouldn't be here today. Through KEiiNO.CLUB, we want to give loyal fans some extra benefits, as well as an opportunity for rewards when they suggest our music to their friends," says Tom Hugo Hermansen, primus motor of KEiiNO. 

KEiiNO was the first to combine joik and danceable pop on the Eurovision stage and has opened the digital stage for streaming concerts KEiiNO.WORLD, so it's not unnatural that KEiiNO agreed to be the guinea pigs in such a project. 

"This is just the start and in further collaboration with SUPER HOW?, the students at UiA and KEiiNO, we have the opportunity to further develop the solution, build expertise and trigger creativity in the digital world." says Liucija Fosseli, PhD at the University of Agder and co-founder of Hooklab."

Read more at KEiiNO.CLUB

Learn more about BeMy.Digital

KEiiNO band
KEiiNO band

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