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Axiology Project Collaborates with SUPER HOW? and Ripple to Venture into the EU DLT Pilot Regime

Updated: Jan 23

SUPER HOW? and Ripple have announced an extended collaboration to explore the possibilities of the European Union Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Pilot Regime. The collaboration continues the ongoing partnership between SUPER HOW? and Ripple which is focused on building within the regulated tokenized securities infrastructure space. They will be working with the Axiology project.

Axiology is a tokenized securities trading and settlement system (DLT TSS) infrastructure. This infrastructure enables multiple layers of the current capital market infrastructures to coexist on one technology layer leading to multiple synergies, process efficiencies and new business models.

Axiology infrastructure is built for the purpose to ensure compliance with the EU DLT Pilot Regime Regulation (EU) 2022/858, which provides the possibility for DLT TSS systems to operate under passporting regime across all European Union.

Dr. M. Jurgilas, CEO of Axiology

”The current regulatory environment shaped by the EU initiatives in the retail capital market and crypto economy creates a perfect development environment and calls for new types of infrastructures to emerge. We strongly support this EU direction and want to be part of this movement“, says Dr. Marius Jurgilas, the CEO of the Axiology.

This collaboration aligns with SUPER HOW? and Ripple's commitment to driving innovation and advancing the adoption of blockchain technology in the financial industry.

J. Wallis, VP of Central Bank Engagements at Ripple

“Ripple is delighted to be working with SUPER HOW? and the Axiology decentralized securities project, further developing our commitment to delivering real world use cases for Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). The project aims to develop a regulatory-compliant infrastructure within the scope of the European Union DLT Pilot Regime Regulation. The settlement of tokenized securities requires a tokenized settlement asset such as a CBDC or stablecoin. This will enable instant issuing and settlement of a securities asset - such as a bond or share. This project will deliver significant learning for a future CBDC which can then be issued by European banks”, notes James Wallis, VP of Central Bank Engagements at Ripple.

It is worth mentioning the impact that Axiology brings to the B2C sector too.

“The tokenized securities transaction system is one of the infrastructural steps to achieve the fundamental goal of the development of the EU capital market - to make it safely accessible to retail investors. It ensures so called fair game, that everybody operates under the same rules with limited information asymmetry, maximum information disclosure that is implemented in a business conducive cost efficient way“, says Dr Marius Jurgilas.

Built on the powerful technology of the XRP Ledger, the Axiology project showcases a tangible, real-world application for XRPL technology.

The DLT Pilot Regime offers a unique and opportune platform for SUPER HOW? and Ripple, as innovative enterprises, to play an instrumental role in fostering the safety and security of digital assets markets for all participants. By subjecting the DLT Pilot Regime to rigorous testing through the Axiology project, regulators gain unparalleled assurance regarding the resilience and security of digital assets.

Axiology is a spin-off company incubated by SUPER HOW? innovation lab.

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