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Revolutionizing Sustainable Project Funding with Blockchain



HyFi is a groundbreaking project funding marketplace that leverages blockchain technology to address the pressing challenge of access to funding for sustainability-focused businesses. SUPER HOW? partnered with HyFi to provide technical expertise and strategic guidance in bringing this innovative platform to life.


The challenge facing many sustainability-focused businesses was the difficulty in securing funding through traditional means. These businesses often struggled to attract investors and access the capital needed to drive their missions forward. Traditional funding avenues lacked transparency and often left both project creators and investors in the dark regarding the use of funds.


HyFi emerged as a transformative solution to these challenges by harnessing the power of blockchain technology and introducing a range of features:

  1. NFT Badges: Recognizing and rewarding project creators and investors with NFT badges to build trust and a sense of community.

  2. Launchpad: A launchpad feature enabling project creators to showcase their ideas and raise initial funding through token sales.

  3. Incentivization Programs: Innovative programs that encouraged active community participation, fostering a vibrant ecosystem.

  4. Staking and Farming: Opportunities for users to stake tokens to support projects and participate in farming to earn rewards.

  5. Fractional Ownership: Enabling users with limited budgets to invest in projects, increasing accessibility.

  6. Liquidity Pools: Providing liquidity to the platform and allowing users to earn rewards for their contributions.

Our role

SUPER HOW? played a pivotal role in making HyFi a reality, offering technical expertise and strategic guidance:

  1. Technical Vision and Implementation: Designing and implementing the core infrastructure of HyFi, including the tokenization framework, to ensure a secure and efficient platform.

  2. KYC/AML Integration: Integrating robust Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures to maintain regulatory compliance.

  3. US Investor Accreditation Service Integrations: Seamless integration of accreditation services to expand the platform's reach to US-based investors.

  4. Payment Rails Integrations: Integration of payment rails to facilitate seamless transactions, enhancing the user experience.

  5. Business Consulting: Providing Innovation as a Service consulting to guide HyFi's strategic decisions and ensure alignment with industry best practices.


HyFi's innovative approach delivered a host of benefits to its users:

  1. Enhanced Security: Sensitive project funding documents are protected from unauthorized access and tampering.

  2. Efficiency: Manual processes were automated, reducing paperwork and eliminating errors, leading to streamlined operations.

  3. Scalability: Businesses can grow without compromising efficiency or security.

  4. Informed Decision-Making: Data insights empower businesses to make informed credit decisions.

  5. Simplified Integration: The integration of the Specific HyFi Gateway makes transitioning to a digitalized workflow effortless.


HyFi is at the forefront of revolutionizing sustainable project funding through blockchain technology. By choosing HyFi, businesses dedicated to sustainability can overcome funding challenges and confidently embrace a digital future. Join forces with HyFi and be part of the solution to fund projects that make a positive impact on the planet and humanity.


Join us on our journey to redefine sustainable project funding.

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